World’s First Nissan GT-R Sedan? Check out this GT-R 4 door!


A 4 door Nissan GT-R?

A customer asked this this today. When we told him there’s no such thing as a 4 Door GT-R, he showed us this picture he found online. Of course, if it’s on the internet, it must be true, right?

Looks to be a sedan of some sort that was converted to a GT-R by way of a body kit. The kit looks to be pretty well done, and the body lines even line up. Could be photoshop, but I think this one might actually be a real body kit. Looks like someone really went out of their way to do this.

Can’t tell what kind of car this started off as, but if anyone knows, tell us in the comments below.

  1. The base body is a Nissan skyline, the Japanese skyline body that uses the Infiniti G35 in America but a 4 door version

  2. It’s most likely an 2007 Infiniti M45. It was one of a few types of car built in the same factory as the GTR that year, and one of two to run the final manufacturing loop as the GTR.
    Only way the car could match up so well. Found this particular post looking for a kit to modify my Infiniti. Anyone know where I could find this body kit?

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