New Nissan Z reported to have 400HP and Nismo to have 500HP with a retro design

The Nissan 370Z has been around for a long time with no updates. Nissan has been known lately to keep such cars as the 370Z and GT-R the same year over year with small tweaks. Considering Nissan had a big sales drop in 2019 over the previous year, Nissan is really under pressure to release something new and updated that is going to catch enthusiasts attention and bring people back to the brand.

Reports show that the next Nissan Z car will sport a Twin Turbo V6 from the Infiniti 3.0L Q50 and Q60 Red Sport. This his going to be a big win for enthusiasts as those motors have proven to be great power plants that can create a lot of power over the stock configuration. These engines produce around 400hp.

There will also be a Nismo version that is said to have 500HP and that is going to likely be from the same motor with different tuning and likely a freer flowing exhaust and intake.

There are also reports that it will have a unique retro look, so we’re going to keep our eyes open for that as it looks to follow the retro remakes of the latest Mustangs, Camaro and Challenger models that is making them more popular than ever.

Cheapest E46 M3 Section 2 Exhaust? Check out Manzo!

There are plenty of “cheap” parts on the market, but some are cheap and good quality while others are cheap and don’t fit or don’t last long.

Today we’re going to talk about the Manzo Section 2 Exhaust for the BMW E46 M3 that we sell on our site. This has 2.5″ piping, and replaces the factory dual pipe section 2, giving your car a bit of weight reduction and adding some noise.

The factory OEM section 2 has a muffler/resonator there that is removed, and that’s where much of the noise increase comes from.

Check out the video above and see for yourself, for the price this Section 2 just can’t be beat!

Enkei NT03+m BMW E46 M3 18×10 +25 Square

I asked around on Facebook to see if anyone had any wheels for sale for an E46 M3 and I got a bunch of comments. One in particular caught my eye – Enkei NT03+m in an 18×10 +25 square set up. I was intrigued because these aren’t that common on these cars and I wanted something a little different as my last E46 M3 had APEX ARC8 and I didn’t want the same wheels again. I replied to him, he sent me some photos and then I asked him how much.


I said $500 for all 4? He confirmed.

I jumped on the deal. Now the thing is, the wheels aren’t perfect. You can see in the video there’s some curb rash, they’ll require some extra love to get super clean, but even after spending $100-150 to fix the curb rash, it’s still a great deal on these wheels.

Now I just need to order some tires and get them mounted and installed. Check the video to see how these look mocked up on the car and you can see how aggressive an 18×10 +25 setup is in the front of an E46 M3. These won’t have any issue fitting in the rear, but fronts will need a lot of camber.

Check out all of our BMW E46 M3 Parts all of our Enkei wheels and stay tuned for more Project E46 M3!

Top Speed Exhaust – BMW E46 M3 – Install DIY and Sound Clip

I was super excited to make this video because I’m just not a fan of how a performance car sounds with a stock exhaust. I can’t think of one car that sounds worse with an aftermarket exhaust, no matter supercar or not. So when our Top Speed Pro 1 Exhaust came for our 2005 BMW E46 M3, I was super excited to get it installed!

I had some set backs during the install, such as the battery dying, but all in all the install was smooth, the fitment was excellent, and the fit and finish of the exhaust, especially for the price, was awesome.

This exhaust is definitely on the louder side. If you are going to also replace the Section 1, Section 2 and maybe even headers, this exhaust is going to almost sound straight piped, so watch out ­čÖé

I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to quiet the exhaust down. Stay tuned for future videos, and subscribe to us on YouTube to follow along on the build!

In addition, you can see the rest of our BMW E46 M3 Parts catalog and stay tuned as we’re adding more parts and accessories to it daily!

Megan Racing Low Profile Car / Truck Ramps

Looking for a low profile ramp that will allow you to raise your car just enough to get a jack under it? These Megan Racing low profile ramps are the perfect solution. Great for enthusiasts have a super low car where they can’t even get a jack under it, or can’t get lift arms under the car. Also great for any occasion where you need just a bit of lift.

Click here for more info on these Megan Racing Car Ramps

Remark Muffler Delete Exhaust – Infiniti Q50 Axle Back

If you have an Infiniti Q50 Sedan and are looking to get rid of the heavy factory mufflers and at the same time let your V6 sing, these Remark Muffler Delete Exhausts are the perfect solution for you.

Available as an easy bolt on, these two pipes replace the factory mufflers, in effect, deleting them. This allows the natural sound of your V6 to come through to make your car sound the way we believe it was supposed to!

Available in 4 different exhaust tip styles, all located on our site in the link above.

Megan Racing UEL Headers – BRZ / FRS / 86 – With Free Uppipe!

Megan Racing hit the market hard with their new stainless steel UEL (unequal length) headers for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS and Toyota 86. Each set of headers include a free up pipe to give you the best exhaust flow possible and for getting two mods out of the way at the same time.

We wanted to show you this video to showcase the awesome quality of these headers, and for the incredible price, making them our favorite on the market.

The headers feature 45mm unequal length runners (for that flat 4 rumble!) and a 60mm up pipe. Check out the video above to see everything that is included with these headers.

Acura RSX Downpipe – Megan Racing’s answer to more exhaust flow

We decided to have some fun in this video while showing you the Megan Racing Acura RSX Type-S Downpipe and it’s features. In this video you can see all of the hardware and gaskets that the downpipe comes with to make it a true bolt on install. Not only that, but since it’s a cat delete downpipe there is a big change of a check engine light. We offer an available o2 sensor spacer to help prevent the check engine light from appearing.

Keep in mind, this item is for off road use only and can not be used on a street car! This is for track cars only.

Check out our full selection of Acura RSX Parts in our growing catalog!

BMC Air Filter – BMW E46 M3 – DIY Replacement Install

In today’s video, we show you how easy it is to install a BMC Panel Air Filter into our BMW E46 M3.

We chose the BMC Air Filter because in nearly all of the independent tests we’ve seen, BMC has outperformed the competition, everything from K&N to aFe.

The install is easy and straight forward and can be done with no hand tools or any special equipment. Check out our video and let us know if you have any questions!