Lexus IS-F CCS-R to compete in Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Lexus has been showcasing it’s IS-F high performance sedan in various events, and the most recent is the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. This special edition IS-F is the CCS-R version, and is the full race version of the IS-F Circuit Club Sport (CCS for short).

The Lexus IS-F CCS-R has a 416hp 5.0L V8, same as the production IS-F, and runs the same 8 speed automatic transmission, but has gone on a big diet to run just over 3000lbs at 3087.

The car has 18″ SSR Wheels wrapped in Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA A050 tires and various suspension tweaks.

Convert your Chrysler Sebring Convertible into a Bentley

So let’s say you have a Chrysler Sebring Convertible and you’re bored of it, and want to get a new car. How about a 2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible. Pretty common upgrade right? Well, it is if you get a replica kit. This replica kit above converted a 2003 Chrysler Sebring LXi Convertible into a 2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible.

Check out the sweet stock interior. Looks like there’s a few scratches in the seats, but nothing too major.

I don’t know the name of this kit, but I’m surprised how the exterior actually looks pretty decent. It needs a bit of work with the wheel offsets and things like that, but it’s not too bad. The factory Bentley headlights and taillights work as they should. If you don’t look at the interior, you might think a real Bentley was driving by.

Wald Porsche Panamera Body Kit

Wald International is a Japanese tuner that has gotten it’s hands on the Porsche Panamera. Wald is mainly known for creating stunning body kits and aerodynamics that really give the car the stance it should have had from the factory. The Wald Porsche Panamera is no different, and Wald is showing off it’s new body kit that includes some of the best lines we’ve seen!

The Wald Porsche Panamera Body Kit includes a front bumper with integrated LED lights, side skirts, wide body wheel arches and fender vents. It looks like Wald also lowered the Panamera to give it a very mean and demanding stance.

The Porsche Panamera looks like a mix between a sedan and a station wagon. It’s also got a love it or hate it look, but Wald is bringing in more love and less hate with their new body kit.

BMW M3 DTM Safety Car – Looks like a BMW M3 Police Car

The German Touring Car championship, known as the DTM, has been known for having some unique cars that act as their safety cars, that needs to be just about as quick as the DTM race cars. BMW is relatively secretive about what features the car has, but a roll cage, racing steering wheel and racing seats are amongst the items that are visible. We are pretty sure this car has extensive work under the hood.

In order to be seen, the car has safety lights on the hood, which almost resemble a BMW M3 police car. Maybe images like this will entice German police to use the BMW m3 as a police cruiser on the roads of Europe!

TIKT Tuning Corvette ZR1 in Germany

Long known for aftermarket performance, German Tuner TIKT Tuning has started to work on the infamous Corvette ZR1. Dubbed as the Corvette Tripple X, this ZR1 puts out 758 horsepower to destroy just about any competition in a straight line. TIKT has also modified the ZR1 to look good while going fast, and has an extremely aggressive rear wing and front bumper that might not appeal to everyone in the United States. What will appeal to to US drivers is the engine, and they have done everything from modifying the cylinder heads and cam to reworking the supercharger to not only increase horsepower and performance but do so while maintaining almost OEM like reliability.

The video above shows the Corvette at an auto show in Europe.

2013 Corvette 427 60th Anniversary Collector Edition

For 2013, Chevy wants to celebrate the success of their Corvette by releasing a 427 Convertible Collector edition as a 60th anniversary package. The first car, and maybe the only one, will be auctioned off at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, so if you want one, you better get your auction ticket quickly before spaces are sold out. Chevy should release more later in the year, and likely will, but the first is going to be sold at auction, so expect it to go for a heft price.

What’s unique is there is no convertible Z06 or ZR1, so this new convertible featuring the 7 liter 427 from the Z06 will be a first, and long overdue. Rated at the standard 505 horsepower and 470 lb feet of torque, this Corvette is expected to be just as potent as the Z06.

No price has been announced yet, but expect it to cost a few thousand more than the Z06.

2012 BMW M5 vs BMW S1000 RR Motorcycle

BMW is the ultimate driving machine right? Notice how they don’t call themselves the ultimate car or ultimate sports car, they call themselves the ultimate driving machine, and this is because they also create some of the world’s best motorcycles. In this video, they test the 2012 BMW M3 vs their BMW S1000 RR Super bike.

So, can a M5 keep up with a super bike? Or should we worry about the super bike keeping up with the M5?

Check out the video to see for yourself! This is on a wet track courtesy of Cadwell Park Raceway.

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 to debut at Dubai 24 hours

Nissan is stopping at nothing to push the GT-R into the super car realm… everything from special editions to racing debuts, and now Nissan has released the Nismo GT3 which will run in the 2012 Dubai 24 hours Race next week.

We don’t know how much horsepower this car makes, but it’s based off the same 3.8L V6 Twin Turbo as in the production GT-R.

The car has been heavily modified to reduce weight and has race only aerodynamic additions to keep it planted on the track.

Fox Marketing Nissan Juke S – This is no GT-R

Watch out Juke R, there is a new kid on the block.. the Juke S! Actually, the Juke R has nothing to fear… this is not your daddy’s GT-R Powered Nissan Juke, this is a Juke that is modified by Fox Marketing to take advantage of the 1.6L turbo power plant that the car comes with from the factory.

Brian at Fox Marketing has upgraded the turbo and intercooler and is expected to produce around 400 horsepower from it’s stock motor. Usual to Fox Marketing, the Juke will also receive new bigger brakes, larger 20 inch wheels, and a new body kit.

Fox Marketing has a deal with Yonaka, so they are featuring Yonaka racing seats in the Juke, and will introduce the Juke S at shows within the next few months.

Nissan Juke GT-R Track Video

The Nissan Juke R is a concept by Nissan that is a standard Nissan Juke with a not so standard GT-R engine. Up until now, all we’ve had were images of this car, but today Nissan has released a video showcasing the Juke GT-R on a track. The Juke has been modified to ensure it’s chassis can handle the 480+ horsepower twin turbo V6 from the GT-R. From the looks of the video, the car simple hauls and with it’s unique looks is guaranteed to be a head turner.

Check out the video: