Gain 5whp and 6wtq on your 1.8L Chevy Cruze with this intake

The 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Chevy Cruze has been a popular car amongst enthusiasts who love the platform and Ecotec engine. This generation Cruze has a great chassis and powertrain and takes well to modifications.

Injen has taken to the Cruze and has developed a Cold Air Intake that is a direct replacement for your factory air intake system and gives your car not only more power and torque, but also a much better induction sound that gives your car a nice modified tone under throttle.

This intake has been developed to move the air filter as far away from the heat of the engine bay as possible, allowing the Ecotec 1.8L motor to take in the most amount of cold, dense air possible to create the most amount of power possible.

Above you can see the dyno charts that Injen has on this intake to prove the car does make more power through the whole RPM band.

For more information or to order this intake, please click here: Injen Cold Air Intake Chevy Cruze 1.8L (2011-2014) Polished / Black

The intake is currently available in two colors – black and polished.

One note is that if your Cruze has a secondary air pump, this cold air intake will not fit.

Please let us know if you have any questions below.

2020 Supra Dyno Figures – 339whp and 427wtq!

The GR Supra lays down more power than it’s rated at.

The 2020 Supra has been the talk of the town, and nothing has been more speculated than the power train. Car and Driver took matters into their own hands and threw a brand new 2020 Toyota Supra on the dyno to see just how much power the car makes.

The results were what everyone assumed – the car makes more power than what’s advertised. The Supra laid down 339 whp and 427 wtq. Keep in mind, the car is rated at 335 hp and 365 tq at the crank, so it makes significantly more.

Click here to watch the dyno video and read the full story at Car and Driver.

Black Flag Coilovers – Now at Redline360

Black Flag

We’re proud to introduce a brand new line to Redline360 – Black Flag. Black Flag has come on the market to bridge a gap between expensive high end and ultra low cost coilovers with their new Black Flag Coilovers which are currently available for two cars (more applications coming soon!)

Black Flag Coilovers FRS / BRZ / 86 (2013-2019) BFCOI-BRZ-13

Black Flag Coilovers FRS / BRZ / 86 (2013-2019) BFCOI-BRZ-13

Above: Black Flag Coilovers for the Scion FR-S, Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ. Great entry level coilover for those who want to lower their car but not break the bank. Doesn’t come with camber plates or adjustable dampening but you can adjust the height to give your car the stance you’re looking for. Big improvement in feel over the stock suspension.

Black Flag Coilovers Honda Civic EG / Del Sol (1992-1995) BFCOI-HON-9295

Black Flag Coilovers Honda Civic EG / Del Sol (1992-1995) BFCOI-HON-9295

Above: For the tried and true Honda Civic EG Chassis (1992-1995) and Honda Del Sol (1993-1997) are these Black Flag Coilovers that come in at a cheap price for good quality entry level coilovers. Non dampening adjustable but height adjustable and enough range to give you up to about 3 inches of drop.

Since these are so new there are no reviews on these coilovers yet, but we welcome reviews on our site. Once you order and have tried them out, please submit a review with photos so everyone else can see your car and get your thoughts. We can also post your photos on Instagram and tag you, so keep in touch!

More applications coming soon so check out our site for more soon!

Godspeed Coilovers – MonoSS vs. MonoRS vs. MonoMAXX

One of the most common questions we get for our Godspeed Project coilovers is, “What’s the difference?”  Redline360 carries Godspeed’s three main coilover lines.  They are the MonoSS, the MonoRS and the MonoMAXX.  This article will break down the main differences between the three to help you determine what suits your needs best.

First, the similarities.  The biggest one is that they are all monotube design dampers.  Even the entry level MonoSS comes with monotube dampers.  A lot of offerings from other companies start with twin-tube design as their entry level.  They are cost effective and provide decent handling and control for most situations.  However, monotube dampers offer a much higher level of performance and consistency than twin-tube designs.  Most, if not all high-end shocks are monotube. 

The second thing that all Godspeed coilovers share is that they all have independent pre-load and ride height adjustability.  What this means is that you’re actually adjusting ride height of the car by shortening or lengthening the entire shock body instead of just moving the spring lower down the shock.  The biggest advantage of this is that you can lower your car without sacrificing the travel of the shock.  Secondly, the spring will always stay pre-loaded, so you don’t have a spring that is flopping around when the shock is fully uncompressed.

MonoSS – These are Godspeed’s entry level coilover model but have features that aren’t typically found in other brand’s entry level offering.  The two aforementioned features common to all Godspeed models are the most significant.  All MonoSS dampers are made from carbon seamless steel and feature 16 levels of adjustment.  The oil used in the damper is a high-quality race shock oil which stays consistent in tough conditions.  The aluminum top hats include a Japanese KOYO bearing pillow ball mount.  If applicable, adjustable camber plates are included.  These are perfect for the street but can handle a track day with no problems.

MonoRS – The MonoRS are the middle child in Godspeed’s street coilover line.  These step it up a notch by offering a damper that can be even more finely tuned with 32 levels of rebound adjustment.  The dampers all have an anti-corrosion and anodized finish.  Most of the components in the MonoRS line are CNC machined billet aluminum which provide additional weight savings.  MonoRS kits include also adjustable camber plates in applicable cars.  This allows you to dial in more aggressive camber settings for additional grip when cornering.  These are great step in between the MonoSS and the MonoMAXX.

MonoMAXX – This is Godspeed’s top shelf street coilover before getting into more race oriented products.  The dampers in this line have an amazing 40 levels of adjustment and a larger 44mm internal piston.  MonoMAXX uses a high quality Italian shock oil that can withstand the extreme temperatures of the track.  These dampers use T7075 forged aluminum or carbon steel bits to keep weight down while still maintaining strength.  The MonoMAXX is a great choice for a street car that sees a lot of aggressive driving and track days.

Whatever series of Godspeed coilovers suits your needs, be assured that you are getting a high quality product at an excellent value.  Godspeed Project suspensions hold numerous time attack and road racing records.  We have many customers running these coilovers and feedback has been great.  This kind of performance at this price point is hard to believe.  These are all backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Redline360 carries Godspeed Project’s full line of suspension products.  We are constantly adding new products to our site so if you don’t see what you’re looking for or have any questions, please contact us.

Lexus IS300 Coilovers Guide – (2001 – 2005)

Back in the early 00s, most Japanese sedans were utilitarian, boring and not very sporty.  They were designed to be affordable, safe, reliable people movers for families with children.  Sure, there were some Japanese sporty variants such as the Honda Civic Si and Subaru WRX.  However, none of those could compete with the 3-series BMW and C-class Mercedes Benz.  Enter the Lexus IS300.  This car was introduced to the US market in 2001 to compete against the Germans who had always dominated the entry level luxury sedan segment.  The IS300 had some pretty unique features at the time at an attempt to stand out against its competitors.  Most notably were the now infamous “Altezza” tail lights.  OEMs and aftermarket companies are still producing light housings based on this design almost 20 years later.  A couple of other interesting features were the gauge cluster, modeled after a chronograph watch, and a shift knob that was a solid piece of polished metal.  Powered by the same engine as the non-turbo MKIV Supra and Lexus SC300 and sporting a RWD drivetrain, the IS300 quickly became a popular choice in the import and drift scene.  This has spawned plenty of aftermarket options for the IS300.  Many enthusiasts first turn to updating the suspension.  There are no shortage of IS300 coilover options. Redline360 is an authorized dealer of several brands and can set you up with something that will fit your budget and needs.

In this article, we will review a few of our more popular coilovers for the first-gen IS.  The first group of coilovers we will cover are more street oriented.  These all feature a twin-tube design damper.  These ride just a little bit softer for a comfortable daily ride while still being able to adjust ride height for that perfect stance.

TEIN Street Basis Z – This is TEIN’s entry level coilover.  You get the quality you expect from a well-respected brand like TEIN but for a reasonable price.  While the dampers are non-adjustable, you are still able to adjust ride height to get the stance you want.  These can go as low as -3.5” from stock in the front and -3.7” in the rear.  This kit re-uses your OEM rubber upper mounts for better ride compliance.

TEIN Street Advance Z – This kit is for people that want the same value that the Street Basis Z provides but want an adjustable damper as well.  The rest of the features are identical.  They come with the same spring rates and same range of ride height adjustment.  They also re-use your stock upper mounts. Being able to adjust the firmness of our dampers gives the Street Advance Z an extra dimension of flexibility.

TruHart StreetPlus – This twin tube shock is an amazing value.  TruHart is able to offer all the features at this price point by making the damping non-adjustable.  However, the ride height and pre-load are independently adjustable.  This allows you to go pretty low while still being able to have full shock travel.  These have aluminum pillow ball upper mounts and steel lower mounts for strength.

Function & Form Type 2 – These are a more aggressive twin tube design coilover with a lot of adjustability.  Each damper has 32 levels of adjustment. The ride height and pre-load are adjustable.  You can slam these and get the same amount of shock travel.  Unlike the TEIN offerings above, these come with aluminum uppers with pillow ball mounts.

The following coilover sets all kick it up a notch with monotube design shocks.  The monotube design allows for more consistent shock performance in spirited driving and track situations.  Consistency is key when you are at speed.  You don’t want any surprises when going through a corner at high speeds.

Godspeed Mono SS – Just because this is an entry level monotube coilover does not mean it’s not still packed with features.  These use a rubber bushing in the upper and lower mounts for a more compliant ride.  The powdercoated dampers have 16 levels of adjustment and are filled with race quality shock oil.  Ride height and pre-load adjustments are independent of each other.  These come with a 12kg/mm front and 10kg/mm rear spring.

Megan Racing EZ II – These coilovers are great choice for someone who wants a comfortable daily drive but still wants a high performance monotube damper. They feature 15 levels of adjustment and have aluminum upper mounts with rubber bushings. These also come with a softer spring coming in at 10kg/mm front and 6kg/mm rear for a smooth ride.

Ksport Kontrol Pro – These are a very nice option for a street car that will occasionally see track duty.  This monotube damper has 36 levels of adjustment so you can fine tune the firmness of your ride.  These also have independent ride height and pre-load adjustment, so you get maximum shock travel when lowering.  The coilovers are treated with zinc electroplating to combat corrosion.  These come with 12kg/mm front and 7.2kg/mm rear spring rates.

BC Racing BR Series – BC has gained a large following by producing quality suspension components for years at a very good price.  These monotubes have 30 levels of adjustment which simultaneously adjust rebound and compression.  The ride height and pre-load adjustments allow you to go extremely low while still maintaining full shock travel.  When the shocks reach the end of their life, you have the option of sending them directly to BC Racing for a rebuild. Rebuilding a shock is much cheaper than having to buy a whole new setup.  They come standard with 12kg/mm front and 10kg/mm rear springs.  Custom spring rates and Swift spring upgrades are available.  Please contact us if you need custom spring rates.

Any of the options listed above without a doubt will improve the stance and handling of your Lexus IS300.  Adjustable dampers have a lot of flexibility for different situations, even ones that don’t immediately come to mind.  Imagine if you wanted to add an all-out killer stereo system in your trunk that added 300lbs of weight.  You could offset that by stiffening your rear shocks up a couple notches and maybe raising the ride height a bit.  On the wilder end, what if you decide to swap a V8 or the legendary MKIV Supra TT engine in and need to offset the extra weight over the front of the car?  Adjustable coilovers for your IS300 is the answer.  Redline360 is here for any of your IS300 suspension needs.  If there is a particular brand or model of coilover that you’re interested in but don’t see it listed, leave a comment down below or please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Nissan 350Z Coilovers (2003-2008) Z33 Coilover Guide

Whether it’s track days, drifting or just canyon carving that you’re into, the Z33 chassis Nissan 350Z is a great platform to play with.  Also known as the Nissan Fairlady Z outside of the US, this car is popular for its RWD platform and great balance of power and handling.  The 350Z was a reintroduction of the Z line in 2003, after a 7 year hiatus.  This 5th generation Z car was sold in the US from 2003 until 2008.  They are plentiful and most importantly very affordable these days on the used market.  If you are able to pick up a clean, stock example of a 350Z, chances are that the suspension is probably tired and ready for a replacement.  The single biggest change you can make to improve your 350Z’s handling and stance is a set of new coilovers.

Redline360 offers a broad range of Nissan 350Z coilovers to suit your budget and needs.  We have everything from entry level budget minded setups to track ready setups.  We are constantly adding new products to our catalog so if there is something in particular you’re looking for; don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us by clicking: Contact Us.

That being said, let’s discuss the different types of coilovers, their features and their advantages at different price points.  One thing to decide on for your 350Z is to determine if you want an OEM style setup or “true rear” coilover system.  The front suspension is the same configuration in the front for all kits.  However, with the rear suspension, you have the option of going with an OEM style, also known as a “divorced” set up, meaning that the spring is not sitting over the shock.  The spring sits separate from the shock in a “bucket” along the lower control arm.  The other option is what is known as a “true rear” coilover set up.  This means, the spring will sit over the shock on an adjustable collar, just like the front coilovers.  Here are just a few of the options we offer that have OEM style “divorced” rear configurations.

MSR 24 Way Adjustable – These are a great entry level coilover and provide a lot of value for your dollar.  Aside from adjustable ride height, there are 24 levels of adjustment on the dampers, pillowball upper mounts and 6063-T6 aluminum body construction.

TEIN Street Basis Z – These are a really high quality coilover setup with a name you can trust at a great price.  While the dampers are fixed, these are height adjustable between 0.0” to -3.1” in the front and 0.5” to – 2.1” in the rear.  This setup is great for cars that will primarily only street.

TEIN Flex Z – These are a step up from the Street Basis Z in that they have 16 level adjustable damping and come with reinforced rubber upper mounts.  These feature adjustable height and pre-load so you can lower your car without sacrificing ride quality.  The Flex Z are made and assembled in Japan, yet are still affordable due to newly developed manufacturing techniques.

Function & Form Coilovers – This is an OEM style setup that is ride height and pre-load adjustable. They have 32 levels of damping adjustment for fine tuning of your shocks. The shocks have a twin tube design for a more comfortable daily ride. The flagship coilover for Function & Form, these have excellent build quality.

The arguments for the performance advantages a true rear coilover are often debatable.  Generally, performance-wise, they are the same.  However, there is one notable advantage to using this style of rear coilover.  If you switch to a true rear setup, this allows you to ditch the OEM lower arm that houses the OEM spring and replace it with adjustable toe arms.  For a street car that generally doesn’t need much adjustment, toe arms aren’t necessary but if you think you may need the adjustability in the future, then picking a true rear coilover set up may be the right choice for you.  Adjustable toe arms will also save weight over the large OEM piece.  Another small advantage to true rear setups is that it’s much easier to get to the ride height adjustments.  It’s not too difficult with an OEM style setup, but it’s further inboard and requires just a bit more effort.  Here are some of the options we offer that use a true rear setup:

TruHart StreetPlus – This is an ideal choice for a budget setup using a true rear setup.  These have adjustable ride height and pre-load.  The non-adjustable twin tube dampers are pre-set specifically for these spring rates.  The zinc coated shock bodies ensure that they’ll stay protected from the elements and fight off rust.

Godspeed Mono SS – These coilovers pack so many features for its price point.  It’s a true rear design using an aluminum shock body with forged aluminum brackets.  The shocks are a monotube design using race quality shock oil that has 16 levels of adjustment.

Another factor to consider is the shock design.  The two major types are twin tube and monotube.  From the outside, they look similar.  Internally there are major differences that factor into the performance of the shock.  In a twin tube design, you basically have a tube within a tube.  The inner tube houses the shock fluid where the shock piston is, while the outer tube is where the gas is housed.   When the piston is compressed, it forces the fluid into the outer tube.  The oil and gas work together to control the shock.  In a monotube design, it’s just a single tube and the top portion of the shock houses fluid and the bottom part of the shock, which is separated by the piston, is gas charged.  Together these work to control the motion of the shock piston.  While today’s twin tube designs are very good and are suitable for street and occasional track use, monotube shocks offer a larger shock piston, more capacity for shock oil and a much lower chance of cavitation.  The monotube design is superior but comes at a higher price point. 

Redline360 has got you covered if you’re looking to step up to a monotube coilover setup.   Here are a few examples:

Megan Racing EZ II – The Megan Racing EZ II coilovers are a monotube design damper with 15 levels of adjustability.  These have 10k front and 8k rear spring rates and are perfect for canyon carving and the occasional track day while still being comfortable enough to daily drive.

BC Racing BR Series – BC Racing’s BR Series is one of the best street/track coilovers available.  These are wildly popular among enthusiasts of many different car models, and for good reason.  They feature a monotube design with 30 levels of damping, adjustable height and pre-load and are fully rebuildable.  They also offer an extreme drop version which allows you to lower your car up to 4” if you so desire. Also available as a true rear coilover setup.

KSport Kontrol Pro – The Kontrol Pro from KSport is another quality coilover system using a monotube design. These have 36 levels of adjustment for compression and rebound (together). The ride height and pre-load are both adjustable so you don’t have to sacrifice ride quality even if you lower your car an aggressive amount.

There are so many advantages to switching to a coilover setup.  You can adjust the ride height and you can adjust how soft or firm you want your ride to be.  You can spend a little bit of time before a track day to dial in a lower stance and stiffen up your shocks.  At the end of the day before leaving the track, crank everything back down for a plush ride home and to work the next day.  One other major advantage to having fully adjustable ride height is that you will have the ability to corner balance your car for optimum handling.  Corner balancing is a must for cars that see regular track days.

The best thing about all the choices of coilovers for your 350Z is that there is most likely going to be something to fit your needs and budget.  The Nissan 350Z has always had great aftermarket support, and products for this platform will continue to develop.  A good quality suspension set up doesn’t have to be expensive.  Even the lowest price coilover Redline360 offers will do great with proper install and alignment.  To see our listing of coilovers, please click here: Nissan 350Z Coilovers. Again, if there is something specific you’re looking for or have any questions about this article, feel free to leave a comment below or find our contact information by here: Contact Us.

Mazda Miata Coilovers – NA / NB / NC / ND Coilover Kit Guide

Mazda Miata Coilovers

One of the first or most common upgrades and modifications done to the Mazda Miata is the suspension. Especially for the Miata from 1990 to 1997 (Miata NA chassis) and the Miata from 1998 to 2005 (Miata NB Chassis) which have pretty old suspensions, one of the best and most noticeable upgrades you can do is to replace the worn factory suspension. With the Miata being a lightweight, rear wheel drive sports car, it makes sense to not just replace the worn shocks and springs with OEM replacements, but rather with an aftermarket performance suspension. For this reason, Mazda Miata Coilovers are one of the most popular and most rewarding upgrades you can do to your car as the difference once installed is night and day.

Just as there are a lot of different ways you can use your Miata, there are also many different coilover systems. Some are designed more for street use, some more for the race track and some are some where in between. So we decided to create the ultimate guide for you to be able to decide which coilover kit is right for you. If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below.

Before we begin, we want to set some base info. The Miata NA is built from 1990 to 1997. Miata NB is built from 1998 to 2005, Miata NC is built from 2006 to 2015 and the Miata ND is built from 2016 to current (at of the time of this post).

To see our listing of coilovers, please click here: Mazda Miata Coilovers

Basic Upgrade and Base Coilover Systems

You can get a quality coilover system for under $500 if you don’t need all of the bells and whistles and won’t be doing a lot of adjustment and setup on your suspension. Many of these base kits come with coilover shocks and adjustable height spring perches with springs. You can adjust the right height (usually about an inch lower than stock) down to 4″ or more of a drop. However, typically with these setups you can’t adjust the dampening settings and they all come pre-set from the factory to best match the spring rates of the kit and give you the best balance between comfort and handling. Since these are primarily used on the street, they’re softer and more geared toward the daily driver and almost no track time.

Here are a few options:

Above: The TEIN Basis Z Coilovers are the cheapest of the bunch and the least expensive ones we sell. They do not come with top hats and are not dampening adjustable. The TEIN Street Advance Z are a bit more expensive, still do not come with top mounts (you just reuse your own), but do have adjustable dampers for those who want a bit more control. The Yonaka system is the only one under $500 that is both adjustable and includes top hats making it the easiest to install as it’s a direct swap for stock. Another notable coilover here is the Function & Form. It’s generally the coilover that would offer you the best ride and has been known to also offer the biggest drop.

Street / Weekend Warrior

Our next group of Miata coilovers is a good choice for those that mainly daily drive their car but want something that’s more geared toward performance so they can also take their Miata to the track for track days or to an autocross. These coilovers generally offer higher grade shock oil to keep from overheating, more features within their shocks as well as more aggressive spring rates.

Here are some of the options:

Above: These Miata coilovers are focused more on someone who wants their car to handle as good as possible while still maintaining the best possible ride. These will ride firmer than the street coilovers, and some may prefer that, but do offer better track and handling performance.

Street / Track Focused

This next batch of Miata coilovers are still street coilovers, but they have a much higher focus on performance and track. Due to their superior shock design they still offer comfortable ride characteristics, but are going to perform much better on the track than the other groups of Miata coilovers. Here are some examples below:

Above: These are some of the most popular street/track coilovers on the market today, and for those with a bigger budget that also track their car, these come highly recommended. BC Racing, especially, comes with the option of a Swift spring upgrade, customizable spring rates, and rebuild services in the United States.

This is an ever evolving list and we’ll continue to update this post so you can make sure you buy the coilovers for your Miata that will best suit your needs. If you have any questions on this list, or any Miata coilovers we didn’t mention, leave your comment below and we will answer.

Stillen Catback Exhaust for the Nissan Titan (2016-2019) Released

STILLEN is excited to announce the release of the STILLEN Cat Back Exhaust Part# 509560 for the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 4×2 and 4×4 Nissan Titan. The Nissan Titan is a capable truck in both utility and sport; whether you are using your Nissan Titan for fun or work, the addition of a STILLEN 2.5” Cat-Back Exhaust System will help your truck deliver the performance you demand.

STILLEN went through a strict regimen of design, engineering and testing to ensure the STILLEN 2.5” Cat Back Exhaust for the Nissan Titan delivered performance where you could feel and use it best. STILLEN tested 2”, 2.25” and 2.5” tubing to ensure the most power gains across the meat of the power-band.

The result is a 2.5” Cat Back System that delivers a max increase of 43 WHP (Wheel Horse Power) @ 4,100 RPM and a very impressive +61TRQ ( Torque) @ 3,800 RPM.

STILLEN 2016+ Nissan Titan Cat-Back Features:
• Max increase of +43 WHP @ 4,100 RPM
• Max increase of +61 TRQ @ 3,800 RPM
• Aggressive Sound Under Throttle
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Polished Dual Wall Engraved Tip
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Sound Clip: REMARK Muffler Delete Exhaust WRX / STi

What better way to improve exhaust flow, lighten up your car, and add some sound to the Subaru boxer engine than with a muffler delete? Our most popular muffler delete, is the REMARK Exhaust Muffler Delete for the WRX/STi and comes available in various exhaust tip styles such as polished, blue burnt tips and single or double wall.

Our customer, Escenthio, purchased these from us and made a quick video of what his car sounds like with this exhaust. Check out the video below and then click here to read his review and see more information on the exhaust: Remark Muffler Delete Subaru WRX & STi (2015-2019) Axle Back Polished / Blue Tips

Where are coilovers made? Our ultimate guide!

When it comes to coilovers, there’s no shortage of options. Everything from entry level coilovers starting at around $350 to top of the line coilovers going up to $5000 or more. So it’s no doubt that as customers research what setup they want for their car, the question of where the coilovers are made comes up a lot. Due to this, we have decided to compile a list of coilover brands and where they are made. Please contact us if you have anything to add to this list.

Brand Line Made
aFe Pending
BC Racing BR Type Coilovers Taiwan
Bilstein Germany
BLOX Racing China
Cusco Pending
D2 Racing Taiwan
Dinan Pending
FOX Racing Pending
Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers USA
Function & Form Taiwan
Fortune Auto 510 Series Coilovers USA
Godspeed Project MonoSS Coilovers China
Godspeed Project MonoRS Coilovers China
Godspeed Project MonoMAXX Coilovers Taiwan
GReddy Pending
HKS Japan
KSport Kontrol Pro Coilovers Taiwan
KW Automotive Germany
maXpeedingrods China
Megan Racing EZ Coilovers Taiwan
Megan Racing EZ II Coilovers Taiwan
Megan Racing Street Coilovers Taiwan
Ohlins Sweden
Pedders Pending
QA1 Pending
RaceComp Pending
Raceland Classic Coilovers China
Raceland Ultimo Coilovers China
Raceland Primo Coilovers China
Rev9 Street Basic Coilovers China
Revel Pending
RS-R Pending
Skunk2 Racing Pending
Skyjacker Pending
ST Suspensions Pending
Stance USA
Tanabe Pending
TEIN Basis Z Coilovers China
TEIN Street Advance Z Coilovers China
TEIN Flex Z Coilovers Japan
TruHart USA Basic Coilovers China
TruHart USA StreetPlus Coilovers China
Whiteline Pending
Yonaka Taiwan

However, it’s not all cut and dry with every brand. Below are some outliers to each one that we will ensure we keep updated.

BC Racing is technically made in Taiwan, but all R&D and final testing on any product is done in the US by BC Racing in Florida. The coilovers BC Racing makes overseas is different than the coilovers for the US market. The US market uses larger diameter shock bodies, spring rates are different and so are damper specs. So while they are made in the US, they’re really designed and engineered in Orlando, Florida.

Fortune Auto is assembled in the USA with parts from around the world. Technically, built in the USA.

Stance Coilovers have all of the parts made in Korea such as brackets. Seals and thrust bearings are from Japan. Any custom sets are done in house, in the US on their own shock dyno and they revalve the shocks if there are custom spring rate requests from the customer.

TEIN Coilovers have recently gone through some changes. All of their coilovers used to be built in Japan, but now only the Flex Z is. The Basis Z and Street Advance Z are now made in China. This helps them reduce cost, but still maintain the quality that TEIN is known for. By having them made in China and having a sealed rather than rebuildable damper, TEIN is able to significantly reduce cost to be able to pass the savings non to the customer.

We provide you this list to help you learn more about coilovers, both that we sell on Redline360 and ones we do not. We will keep this list updated and add more brands as we find out more information about them. If you are a manufacturer and want to add something to this list, please contact us using our contact us form and we will be glad to ensure this is the most accurate list possible.

If you have any questions about where coilovers are made or about a specific brand’s quality, please ask below.