This guy bought a Walmart to house his 225 muscle car collection

If you have a 225 muscle car collection and don’t know where to store them, what do you do?

Rick Treworgy, owner of Muscle City, decided to buy a Walmart to store all of this muscle cars so they don’t have to be double stacked and can be spread out across the new warehouse space.

Treworgy turned his love of Muscle Cars into a Museum in Charlotte County, allowing everyone to share in his love of the iconic cars. And these aren’t just museum pieces, he keeps every car in good mechanical condition so they can all start and drive.

Pretty cool!

  1. Knowing these classic cars are all operable means a real tight security system, I would think .

    That’s a real , nice collection…….

    Jim Sweeney

    1. Yep, I heard he moved. I went a few times when it was in the Walmart. My parents moved away so I haven’t seen it since.

  2. I have been there twice, it’s unbelievable! Every car is a ss big block car, some convertibles. The video in this article isn’t even close to doing justice for what he has.

    1. So he is still there??? I doubt it will be anytime soon but I would love to take my girl to see these classics my style

    2. Its so amazing blood ,l wish l had the man power to buy one of them ,am in Uganda the heart of Africa which God created with beautiful creatures

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