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ESS Supercharged BMW E92 M3 by Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk isn't only known for their awesome wide body kits, they're also know around the racing scene for building some of the coolest cars. This E92 BMW M3 is driven by Francesco Conti in last year's 2014 King of Europe drift competition. It's powered by an ESS supercharger that's custom to produce over 700 horsepower to light up the tires in a beautiful show of force. The car features a relatively subtle for Liberty Walk body kit and an awesome Bacci Romano sequential transmission.

In this video you can hear the beautiful sounds of the supercharged S65 V8 doing it's thing and blowing fire out of the custom side exit exhaust.

We're excited to see this car competing in more drift competitions and seeing how far Conti and team can go with this setup.


Video: Formula Drift 2012 in Review

If you are a Drifting fan you are going to love this recap of the 2012 Formula Drift season... heck even if you aren't you are still going to love it!

p.s. Did you catch our Formula Drift Movie post?


Subaru WRX STi donuts in a public park – Hoonigan or Jerk?

I am all for the whole Hoonigan style which is so popular nowadays but this is taking it too far in my opinion Am I just a grumpy tax payer? I am all for having fun, but at what expense?

This video shows a Subaru WRX STi owner doing donuts in a public park, and destroying pretty much most of it. The owner ended up in a local newspaper and the community is trying to find out who did it.

So what do you think? All in fun "hoonigan" style racing, or is this guy just a jerk?

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Subaru BRZ vs Honda S2000 Drag Race Video

In this drag race video, the Honda S2000 takes on the Subaru BRZ (identical to the Scion FR-S) in a fun race to see who's faster. Both cars are completely stock and the drag race shows the race from different angles.

The Honda S2000 has a larger 2.2L engine, and makes 237 horsepower. The Subaru BRZ has a 2.0L engine making 200 horsepower. Both cars weigh about 2800 lbs, so the Honda S2000 does have the power to weight advantage here.


2012 BMW M5 vs BMW S1000 RR Motorcycle

BMW is the ultimate driving machine right? Notice how they don't call themselves the ultimate car or ultimate sports car, they call themselves the ultimate driving machine, and this is because they also create some of the world's best motorcycles. In this video, they test the 2012 BMW M3 vs their BMW S1000 RR Super bike.

So, can a M5 keep up with a super bike? Or should we worry about the super bike keeping up with the M5?

Check out the video to see for yourself! This is on a wet track courtesy of Cadwell Park Raceway.

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