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Chevy Camaro SS with a Toyota Supra 2JZ Turbo Swap


Here's not something you see every day. A classic Chevy Camaro SS with an engine swap from a 93-98 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo. The 2JZ engine is fitted with an Innovate single turbo, and likely makes a lot of power. This must have been done with custom one off engine mounts as I personally have never seen this swap before, so there is likely no swap kit available. However, with the passionate Camaro purists, this is likely not going to go over well, so I doubt this is going to be a popular swap. Nonetheless, we applaud the swap, and love seeing something different.

A customer shared this picture with us, so we don't know much about this car but we'd love to learn more. If you know more about this Camaro, please let us know in the comments.


Aaron’s 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 w/ SR20DET Blacktop Swap


There's nothing we love more than a AE86 project. Aaron, one of our Facebook fans, shared his 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS with us and we were pleasantly surprised to find it had a SR20DET Blacktop swap under the hood - awesome!

This AE86 features some mods that we love:

SR20DET Black Top Engine Swap
Front mount intercooler
Greddy Exhaust
TRD Steering Wheel
Diamond Racing Steelies
ECU chipped by Stream Toyko

Aaron's plan is, in his words to "tame this mutt" and turn it into a daily driver, using OEM interior pieces, and brand new re-fab pieces. This weeks project is to relocate the battery into the trunk, replace the windshield and dynomat the doors and roof with some spray on noise reduction stuff.

Here are a few pictures of the car in progress:





Aaron did a lot of work to this car so far, and it's still a work in progress and we can't wait to see what the finished product will look like. We'll keep everyone updated with progress.

Good stuff Aaron!

Update 3/5/2013
[Aaron] Today I did some "housekeeping." got the drivers side window actuator installed, and got the trunk sprayed with some of that spray on bed lining. I am gonna keep the track spirit with the car and install a roll cage, so the back of the car is going to remain gutted, but I don't like the "raw" look of just frame, the bed lining gives it that flat matte look that I really like. This weeks list: Plasti-dip flat black. Install new hatch struts. Get the front interior ordered and painted. Within the month: Brand new carpet, interior install, custom paint on the accent pieces, and custom door panels.


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Toyota Camry Body Kit – Nascar Style!

Many people know that Toyota and Nascar have a long relationship. Toyota has been in a large number of Nascar races, and for 2012, Nascar driver Kyle Busch is entering a 2012 Toyota Camry into Toyota's Racing Dream Build Challenge. Kyle Busch put a special body kit on this car that looks like nothing we have ever seen for a Toyota Camry, and the Nascar inspired build is sure to turn heads!

Kyle Busch used his official colors of black, red and white to give the car attitude that matches it's stance. The Camry isn't only modified on the outside, the car also features red and black seats from the Lexus IS-F amongst other interior modifications, as well as a Lexus IS-F dual exhaust.

To finish off the Camry's body kit, there is a front air splitter and a rear diffuser, and the whole package looks great!

A custom hood with dual scoops gives the front of the Camry a menacing stance. We also love the black race wheels with polished lip and think the whole package comes together nicely, and looks much better than the standard Toyota Camry SE body kit that comes with the car stock.

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Toyota Sienna Parts and Performance Upgrades

There has never been a better time to get some Toyota Sienna parts that add style and performance to your van. Until recently, the aftermarket has been largely ignoring the popular Sienna, but with the new design, and sleep looks, many people are looking to upgrade their van with everything from an exhaust to coilovers.

How can I added extra power to my Sienna?
The Toyota Sienna is a pretty decent van when it comes to power, but fully loaded, it can struggle. Aftermarket companies such as Megan Racing and K&N have done a great job offering performance parts that are easy to bolt on and give good performance. Check out some of these options:

In the video above, you can hear and see the Megan Racing exhaust in action.

How can I lower my Sienna?
Up until recently, you weren't able to! Megan Racing has released their coilover kit that replaces all 4 shocks and springs with height and shock adjustable coilovers, so you can get aftermarket wheels and lower your van just enough to clear the wheel gap, and give you a sporty ride that's firm but not stiff.

If you have an older Sienna, you can get a cruise control kit if your van didn't come with one from the factory.

There are companies that make a supercharger kit for the motor in the new Sienna. They aren't a direct fit due to the engine bay not having enough room, but there are companies working to retrofit the supercharger to fit into the Sienna's engine bay, which can give your Sienna over 350 horsepower. Parts such as an exhaust would allow your supercharger to make even more power. TRD does make a supercharger for the older Sienna's, but unfortunately not for the newer body styles and engines. TRD would be a great choice as it allows you to add power and still maintain your factory warranty.

We will have more Toyota Sienna parts as they are available with everything from short ram intakes to cold air intakes and other performance accessories.

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Ferrari F430 Replica Body Kit for a Toyota Celica

There are a lot of replica body kits coming out, and this Ferrari F430 is no different. This Ferrari F430 body kit is designed to fit a Toyota Celica. The undisputed king of the replica body kits is the Pontiac Fiero, but new cars such as the Chrysler Sebring are receiving the royal treatment. Now it's the Celica's turn, and this F430 replica is pretty impressive. From the outside, the replica looks just like the original car.

One thing you can't replicate is the awesome sound of the Ferrari F430, and since this car is based on a 2000 Toyota Celica, you are revving up a stock 1.8L with 140 horsepower. Not too fun stock, but could be if you turbo the car and do other modifications to it. Should be a fun and cheap Ferrari, until someone peaks inside and notices the stock Celica interior.

The interior is actually not too bad, and to the untrained eye might actually look exotic. You'll notice that this interior in the picture above looks pretty stock Celica.

Above you can see the rear end of the replica body kit. Not too bad and it even has quad exhaust tips. This body kit is likely to catch on pretty quick... don't be surprised if you see more Ferrari F430's in your area and less Toyota Celicas.

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