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Tesla Model S Aftermarket Wheels and Rims

The Tesla Model S has certainly stirred up some chat amongst automotive enthusiasts. As arguably, one of the first exciting electric cars, the Tesla shows great promise with the aftermarket crowd. Since the car is so new, there aren't too many Tesla performance parts available, but the aftermarket has taken to upgrading the vehicle's appearance, specifically around wheels.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of Tesla Model S aftermarket wheels:

21" HRE P40SC Tesla Wheels

22" Avante Garde M310 Silver Tesla Wheels
Tesla Model S - 22x9" / 22x10.5" - Hyper Silver M310

22" Avante Garde M310 Matte Black Tesla Wheels

We think these look awesome! If you have any pics of your Tesla Model S with aftermarket wheels, please share the pictures with us, and we'll feature them here!

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Tesla Model S Top Speed Video – 133mph and quicker than a BMW M5

So how fast can a Tesla Model S accelerate from a dead stop to 133 mph, it's top speed? 26 seconds. Check out the video above.

Not only does it reach top speed with almost no noise, but it can out accelerate a BMW M5 while doing it. Very impressive for an all electric car that a few years ago people would have said couldn't be a fun car to drive.

Much praise for Tesla and their true performance all electric Tesla S.

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Video: Tesla Model S Burnout – Who said electric cars are boring?

This video from Road & Track is pretty short, but it gets the point across. In this video, Road & Track does a donut while doing a burnout in a brand new Tesla Model S electric car. The Tesla S just won Automobile of the Year and is pretty cool, offers 265 miles range between charges and is about as fast as a BMW M5 - sweet!

The rear mounted electric motor makes an equivalent of 416 horsepower and 443 ft/lbs of torque from a standing start.

Looks like this is an electric car for enthusiasts, though since there are no modifications available yet, you need to keep this car stock for a while. And that's fine - once the aftermarket catches up with electric cars, we're going to see some pretty cool modified Tesla S's. And since these cars are so quiet, gas powered cars won't hear them coming!

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