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Ultimate Guide: Subaru BRZ Lowering Springs and Scion FR-S Lowering Springs Reviews


We have a lot of customers with the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S asking us what lowering springs we recommend. It's really difficult to say as the brands we carry are all high quality, so the decision really lies in the drop you want, and the spring stiffness. It also depends on what type of driving you will be doing. So what we did was put together a list of the Scion FR-S Lowering Springs and Subaru BRZ Lowering Springs that we carry to help you decide on what is best for you.

We'd love to hear your reviews and feedback in the comments. Let us know what your favorite springs are for your FR-S or BRZ.

Swift Race Spec-R Lowering Springs
Swift Lowering Springs Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ [Race Spec-R] - Part # 4T909R

Lowers in the front: 1.1"
Lowers in the rear: 1.0"
Spring Rate: Linear

Review: For those who care more about handling and performance that the amount of lowering, Swift springs are our favorite. Swift has made a name for itself with coilover springs and has recently released it's own line of lowering springs and it's making waves. Absolutely excellent springs and they are designed to be used with stock shocks.

TruHart Lowering Springs
TruHart Lowering Springs Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ - Part # TH-S406

Lowers in the front: 1.75"
Lowers in the rear: 1.25"
Spring Rate: Progressive
Warranty: Lifetime

Review: TruHart is an entry level spring with handling and performance that surprised us. The ride is firmer but still comfortable, the lowering is aggressive, and a lifetime warranty protects against any manufacturer defects. Great springs for those who want something cheap yet functional and quality. Performance shocks recommended.

D2 Racing Lowering Springs
D2 Racing Lowering Springs Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ - Part # D-SP-SC-06

Lowers in the front: 1.75"
Lowers in the rear: 1.25"
Spring Rate: Progressive
Warranty: Lifetime

Review: D2 Racing lowering springs are one of the most popular for the FT86 platform. Great ride, aggressive lowering and one of the best priced springs available. Aftermarket shocks are recommended with springs that lower so aggressive.

B&G S2 Sport Lowering Springs
B&G S2 Lowering Springs Scion FR-S - Part # 92.1.101
B&G S2 Lowering Springs Subaru BRZ - Part # 86.1.030

Lowers in the front: 1.4"
Lowers in the rear: 1.4"
Spring Rate: Progressive
Warranty: Lifetime

Review: B&G Lowering Springs are nice for those who want to lower their BRZ or FR-S but maintain a good ride. B&G offers almost a 1 and a half inch drop front and rear which is more geared toward the aggressive drop.

Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
Eibach Pro Kit Springs Scion FR-S - Part # 82105.140
Eibach Pro Kit Springs Subaru BRZ - Part # 82105.140

Lowers in the front: 1.0"
Lowers in the rear: 1.0"
Spring Rate: Progressive
Warranty: Million Mile

Review: Eibach Pro Kits are great for those who want to reduce some of the fender gap, but don't want to be too low. One inch drop front and rear is considered minor, but it's good for those who don't want to worry about rubbing aftermarket wheels and tires on their fenders. Of course it depends on what size aftermarket wheels and tires you run, but this is a generally a safe bet. Great ride.

Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs
Eibach Sportline Springs Scion FR-S - Part # 4.10582
Eibach Sportline Springs Subaru BRZ - Part # 4.10582

Lowers in the front: 1.4"
Lowers in the rear: 1.4"
Spring Rate: Progressive
Warranty: Million Mile

Review: If the Eibach Pro Kits didn't lower your car enough, the Sportlines might be for you. Eibach Sportline is made to lower about half an inch more than the Pro Kit, so you get a more aggressive stance and clear up even more of that wheel gap.

H&R Sport Lowering Springs
H&R Sport Lowering Springs Scion FRS - Part # 4408
H&R Sport Lowering Springs Subaru BRZ - Part # 54408

Lowers in the front: 1.0"
Lowers in the rear: 1.2"
Spring Rate: N/A
Warranty: N/A

Review: H&R Sport Springs give you about the same drop as the Eibach Pro Kit, but lower a bit more in the rear. H&R prides itself on offering a good ride, and many of our customers give their Sport springs great reviews.

H&R Super Sport Lowering Springs
H&R Super Sport Lowering Springs Scion FRS - Part # 54408-77
H&R Super Sport Lowering Springs Subaru BRZ - Part # 54408-77

Lowers in the front: 1.2"
Lowers in the rear: 1.4"
Spring Rate: N/A
Warranty: N/A

Review: H&R Super Sport Springs are for those who want to be a bit lower than what the sport provides, so these lower the car an extra .2" front and rear.

Hotchkis Lowering Springs
Hotchkis Lowering Springs Scion FR-S - Part # 19445
Hotchkis Lowering Springs Subaru BRZ - Part # 19445

Lowers in the front: 1.0"
Lowers in the rear: 1.0"
Spring Rate: N/A
Warranty: 3 Years / 36,000 Miles
Made in the USA.

Review: Hotchkis springs, made in the USA, are designed for comfort in the mind. Minimal lowering, but enough to close the gap.

Megan Racing Lowering Springs
Megan Racing Lowering Springs Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ - Part # MR-LS-SFR12

Lowers in the front: 1.75"
Lowers in the rear: 1.25"
Spring Rate: Progressive
Warranty: 3 Years

Review: The Megan Racing springs are for those who want a serious drop. These are designed to go low, but still offer a good ride. One thing common with springs that have big drops is they tend to sag even more over time. Megan Racing springs are unique in that they have a very high tensile strength steel that resists this premature sagging pretty well.

Manzo Lowering Springs
Manzo Lowering Springs Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ - Part # LSSFR-12

Lowers in the front: 1.75"
Lowers in the rear: 1.25"

Review: Our least expensive spring offered for this platform, yet comparable to more expensive springs. Good ride quality, good handling and braking improvements and good craftsmanship. Great entry level spring that offers aggressive lowering. Recommended to use performance shocks with these. It appears to be a common thread that the lowest priced springs all have the same amount of drop.

RS-R Super Down Lowering Springs
RS-R Lowering Springs Scion FR-S [Super Down] - Part # T065S

Lowers in the front: 1.1"
Lowers in the rear: 1.3"
Spring Rate: N/A
Warranty: 1 Year / 12,000 miles.
Made in Japan.

Review: RS-R Springs, made in Japan, are arguably the best riding springs we sell. RS-R really takes the daily driver into consideration to create a lowering springs that works with the OEM geometry, lowers just the right amount, and maintains a comfortable ride. These springs are actually designed to be used with the factory shocks.

Tanabe GF210 Lowering Springs
Tanabe GF210 Lowering Springs Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ - Part # TGF166

Lowers in the front: 0.6"
Lowers in the rear: 0.9"
Spring Rate: N/A
Warranty: N/A

Review: Tanabe GF210 lowering springs give you the least amount of drop that we sell. This is good for those that want to lower their car a little, and want to keep as much of the factory ride as possible. These springs are also made for those who want a soft and supple ride. Really for those who want to reduce just a bit of wheel gap, not have a noticeably lower car, and retain as much ride quality as possible.

TEIN HTech Lowering Springs
TEIN HTech Springs Scion FR-S - Part # SKSA0-G1B00
TEIN HTech Springs Subaru BRZ - Part # SKSA0-G1B00

Lowers in the front: 1.0"
Lowers in the rear: 0.8"
Spring Rate: Progressive
Warranty: 1 Year

Review: TEIN HTech lowering springs, also known as High Tech, are TEIN's luxury springs, which are designed to give you a modest drop with maximum ride comfort. Good for those who are all about the ride, and just want to close some of the wheel gap.

TEIN STech Lowering Springs
TEIN STech Springs Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ - Part # SKQ54-AUB00

Lowers in the front: 1.4"
Lowers in the rear: 1.2"
Spring Rate: Progressive
Warranty: 1 Year

Review: TEIN STech Lowering Springs are a relatively aggressive drop, but still offer much of the benefits of a more luxury spring as ride comfort is key. TEIN STech's are a popular choice as they have a drop that most customers are looking for without being too aggressive.


Scion FR-S with a Supra 2JZ Twin Turbo Swap


Now we're talkin'. This 2013 Scion FR-S is fitted with a 2JZ Twin Turbo engine found in the 1993-1998 Toyota Supra Turbo. They did a custom single turbo setup and what looks like a lot of modifications on this thing, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's making in excess of 1000 horsepower. We've also seen the FRS and BRZ platforms with V8 swaps, so it appears this lightweight RWD car is going to be the recipient of many donor motors to come, and we love it.

Previously, we've discussed the Subaru STi 2.5L swap into the FRS/BRZ, and if this car would come with a turbo motor from the factory. Doesn't look like it'll happen soon, so these types of swaps will likely become more popular over time.


Scion FRS And Subaru BRZ Harness Bar Installation Instructions


We've had a lot of customers interested in the Cipher Auto Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S Seat Belt Harness Bar. Lots of you wanted to see the install instructions before ordering, so we decided we'd post about it here. We'd love to see your installs... please submit them in the comments below!

For more info on this bar, please click here: Cipher Auto Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S Harness Bar

Installation Instruction:

1) Tilt seats forward toward front of car.

2) Remove upper B-Pillar Trim.

a. Uncover top bolt using a pick or small screw driver, and use 10mm socket to remove bolt
b. Carefully pull back lower B-Pillar trim to remove bolt on bottom of upper B-Pillar trim using 10mm socket.
c. Repeat for opposite side.

3) Remove Rear Seat Cushions

a. Remove 10mm bolt from front of seat cushion
b. Seat cushion can now be removed.
c. Repeat for opposite side

4) Remove Rear Side Panels

a. Remove all covers to access rear lower seat belt anchor.
b. Repeat for opposite side

5) Install Support Bar Bracket

a. Remove bolt holding rear seat belt anchor
b. Install “L” shape bracket under anchor with slotted side down and threaded side facing opposite side of vehicle.
c. Re-install bolt and tighten at this time

6) Re-Install Rear Side Panels

a. Repeat for both sides

7) Install B-Pillar Trim

a. it may be necessary to trim b-pillar cover to allow access to shoulder belt bolts once installed
i. install of main harness bar can be done without trimming b-pillar covers but is much more difficult.

8) Install Main Harness Bar

a. Position main harness bar ends into the B-Pillar shoulder belt bolts using supplied and original hardware.
b. Hardware order is as fallows starting from the head of the bolt: Bolt, Washer, Harness bar end bracket, ½” spacer, seat belt anchor, OE spacer, OE washer.
c. Repeat for opposite side; do not fully tighten fasteners.

9) Prepare Tension Rods:

a. Install a rod end with jam nut into each Upright Tension rod

10) Install upright Tension Rods

a. Install bottom of tension rod first.
b. Position rod so that the bottom rod end is flat against the inside of the “L” shape bracket installed in step 5
c. Install supplied bolt through holes with a washer on each. Do not tighten completely
d. Repeat for opposite side.

11) Install Tension Bar Rod Ends into Main Harness Bar

a. Determine final position of Main Harness Bar
i. Bar should be level and evenly spaced in the car.
b. Move tension rod into position to bolt into the lower bracket of the Main Harness Bar.
c. Adjust Rod End to desired height in order to match holes in Main Harness Bar.
d. Install supplied bolt through holes with a washer on each. Do not tighten completely
e. Repeat for opposite side

12) Tighten all Bolts

a. Do a bolt check
b. Ensure that Main Harness Bar is in final desired position and tighten all bolts to the B-Pillar Brackets, Upright tension Rods, Floor Brackets, and tighten the jam nuts on the Rod Ends.
c. Install Seat Trim removed in Step 2.

13) Re-Install Rear Seat Cushions

a. Slide seat cushion back into place
b. Re install 10mm screw to front cushion bracket
c. Repeat for opposite side

14) Install Seat Belts

a. Install you seat belts as desired onto Harness Bar.

For more info on this bar, please click here: Cipher Auto Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S Harness Bar

We'd love to see your installs... please submit them in the comments below!


VIDEO: K&N 33-2300 – K&N Air Filter for Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S

Hey everyone! This is Dan with Redline360 and today I'll show you the K&N air filter for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS.

This air filter is part number 33-2300 and we have these in stock - check the links below for product details and pricing.

This K&N air filter is a direct replacement for your stock air filter, and simply drops right in. Great upgrade for those who want to keep the factory air box, but replace the stock restrictive air filter with something high flow.

Excellent for those who want an inexpensive upgrade while staying smog legal and don't want to get a short ram or cold air intake.

The filters are washable and reusable so they can last a long time. In fact, a nice thing about these air filters is that they come with a warranty card in the box that gives you all of the warranty information. These have an amazing Million Mile warranty and K&N stands behind it.

Highly recommended and one of the more popular BRZ and FR-S air filters we sell.

Thanks for watching... and don't forget to subscribe to our channel to see our future videos.

I'm Dan and we'll see you next time!

K&N Air Filter Scion FR-S (2013-2014) K&N 33-2300
K&N Air Filter Subaru BRZ (2013-2014) K&N 33-2300
K&N Air Filter Scion tC (2005-2006) K&N 33-2300


GReddy Turbo Kit for the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ 11510094


GReddy has released their highly anticipated T518Z Tuner Turbo Kit for the 2013+ Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ! The turbo kits should be shipping now and in stock by the first week in June!

With extensive testing both in Japan and the USA, this turbo kit was designed to enhance the overall performance for daily drivers and weekend racers. An ideal turbo sizing maintains the vehicles balanced driver feel, by maintaining good low-end response with the factory engine components. But the most noticeable improvements can be noticed on the factory power-band's dip in mid-range torque and at high RPM top-end power.

GReddy has been producing some of the most popular turbo kits for many late model imports such as Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Mazda. GReddy is known for their high quality turbo kits that offer excellent fitment, and good streetability and reliability with out of the box performance. Many standard turbo kits require that you provide your own engine management, but the GReddy kit comes with it, and gives you a very good base map that will allow you to enjoy the car right away. We still recommend a professional tune to make sure you get the most from your new turbo kit.


GReddy dyno test showed a +93.5 whp and +68.7 ft/lbs increase at 7 psi on a stock 2013 Scion FR-S with factory injectors and fuel pump, just adding a *GReddy-tuned EcuTek ecu, and a *GReddy Evo3 70mm exhaust (*not Included). But even more importantly, the mid-range torque from 3150-4750 RPM's are significantly improved over the stock torque curve.

The Tuner Turbo Kit includes: a top-mounted GReddy T518Z 10cm2 actuator turbo on an equal length 4-1 SUS header-type exhaust manifold with dual flex joints, SUS downpipe and cat-delete, free- flow Airinx AY-SB intake, short-routing intercooler piping, Type-40E front-mounted intercooler with cast end-tanks and all the necessary brackets, heat-shields, hoses, clamps, and gaskets.


GReddy P/N: 11510094

for (ZN6) 4U-GSE / (ZC6) FA20
Tuner Turbo Kit ( additional fuel management not included)
GReddy T518Z -10cm2 actuator turbo (top-mounted)
4-1 SUS Exhaust Manifold with dual flex-pipes (header type)
Large SUS downpipe & front pipe (removes catlyic-conveters)
free-flow Airinx AY-SM air intake
aluminum intercooler piping (direct routing)
Type 40E Intercooler with end-tanks
includes necessary gaskets, heat shields, couplings, hose, mounting


AVO Stage 1 Turbo Kit for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS


AVO's front-mounted Stage 1 turbocharger kit for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S is finally ready and Redline360 expects to have it's initial order at our warehouse and ready to ship to customers by mid July!

The kit is designed to work with both RHD and LHD models in all countries, with extensive testing done on both the Japanese Subaru BRZ and the US Market Scion FR-S with the 6 speed manual transmission.

The turbocharger kit is designed from top to bottom specifically to the FR-S and BRZ and consists of all the parts necessary to bolt the kit up to the car. Thew kit utilizes an AVO 18/49 turbocharger that mounts up under the front of the engine via an AVO stainless steel unequal exhaust manifold, and then it bolts up to the stock exhaust with the AVO polished stainless steel turbo outlet (also referred to as a downpipe). Cooling the pressurized air is an AVO aluminum bar and plate front mount intercooler which uses black piping throughout, mechanical oil scavenging pump, oil reservoir tank, and all necessary water and oil hoses and fittings. Tuning is Ecutek tuning tools.

The turbo kit was designed to bolt up to the stock air intake box and stock exhaust system. AVO spent a lot of time ensuring it will work with the standard fueling system for a complete bolt on and go setup. The beauty of the system is that it looks very stock from above! The FMIC has been specifically designed to fit with the standard bumper without trimming as well, and on FR-S models would be be difficult to see unless you are looking for it.

From AVO's testing, the kit can be expected to produce anywhere from 220 to 250 whp on pump gas, dependent entirely upon the quality of the pump gas. This is due entirely to the fact that the stock motor is 12.5:1 compression, incredibly high for a n/a motor. This makes gas quality even more important than ever!

Kit Component Specifications

Turbo Specifications: The AVO 18/49 Turbocharger comes with a 5-7 psi actuator for precise boost control at lower psi levels, ensuring engine longevity. The turbocharger is rated for 380 hp of flow, so there is certainly headroom available with it from the base stage 1 kit.

Mechanical Oil Pump Specifications: The AVO kit is unique because it utilizes a mechanical oil pump that located at the back of the engine and runs off the back of the RH camshaft. There is also a oil reservoir tank right off the turbocharger itself. This is the most reliable way to pull oil through the turbo to the engine, as it keeps the flow rate tied to the rpm speed of the motor, ensuring that it's properly scavenged at low RPM's and idling, and has enough at high RPM's.

Front Mount Intercooler Specifications: AVO Bar & Plate Aluminum Intercooler with cast endtanks. Length = 19" Height = 8" Width = 3", The intercooler kit utilizes black wire- reinforced silicone piping and two black powdercoated steel piping. The intake piping has ports to mount up a variety of blow-off valves, even OEM ones for a full stealth look.

Part Number: S6Z12GS7A003T

MSRP: $4400.00 for the ceramic coated (which is the only option Redline360 has available for pre-order).


Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Invidia N1 Exhaust Sound Video

Our good customer, Cody, recently took some pictures and a sound clip video of the Invidia N1 Exhaust on his Scion FR-S.

Here is a picture of what the exhaust looks like under the car:


Here's the exhaust before Cody installed it:


The FRS/BRZ Invidia N1 Exhaust is available with polished tips or blue titanium tips.


Gymkhana Subaru BRZ Video

Pretty cool video of a stock Subaru BRZ trying to do some Gymkhana style racing. Looks like this guy ran out of milk and wanted to impress his girlfriend with morning breakfast. What better way to get milk in the morning that to Gymkhana around a farm?

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Subaru BRZ Track Edition in Japan – Lightweight Race BRZ RA


Looking for a full race Subaru BRZ? Look no further... well at least if you are in Japan. Subaru has just introduced the Subaru BRZ RA which has been designed to offer track only qualities that enthusiasts would love.

The Subaru BRZ RA has some pretty nice race only features such as high performance brakes, brake ducts that go into the lower front bumper, removeable tow hooks, a 6 point roll cage, Torsen limited-slip and 4 point harnesses in some racing seats.

The car still makes the same 200 horsepower, so Subaru really wants to emphasize that the joy in driving this car is not supposed to be about the sheer power it produces, but the overall balance, which truly defines a sports car. An engine oil cooler is added.

To reduce weight, Subaru removed the sound system and air conditioning.

By the way... I have no idea why this car has "steelies", but maybe it's because Subaru assumes that every BRZ RA sold will end up with some aftermarket wheels and race tires. Thought is that this helps to reduce the cost of the vehicle.

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Subaru BRZ Exhaust and Scion FR-S Exhaust – Which is the best?


There has been a lot of stir lately about the Subaru BRZ and the Scion FR-S, and for good reason - both cars are very capable and are excellent rear wheel drive platforms that are just begging to be modified. With the 2.0L Boxer engine, everyone is excited to up the performance with an exhaust system, but most aren't sure which is right for them. We wanted to explain some of the differences here and help you make a decision.

The Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S both share the same chassis, so both use the same exhaust. You can see that all of the Scion FR-S Exhaust and Subaru BRZ Exhaust systems both have the same part numbers. Below we will go through various modifications you might have and which exhaust would be best for you. We will be updating this list often as new exhaust systems come out so please check back often, and leave us any questions or feedback below.

I will mainly leave my car stock or add slight modifications. What exhaust do you recommend?
If you are going to mainly have a stock car with the exception of an intake and various other modifications, you can simply get a new axleback or catback exhaust that is around the stock size or a bit bigger. We don't recommend to go with too big of an exhaust as you won't gain much power but you will certainly create a lot of noise. At these kind of modification levels, a nice 2.5" exhaust would be just right.

I want to get a full exhaust, all the bolt ons, and maybe later nitrous or a supercharger
If you know you are going to try and make more power with all of the bolt on modifications plus a power adder such as nitrous or a supercharger (note we're not grouping turbo kits into this), then we would recommend at least a 2.5" exhaust or more, maybe even a 2.75" exhaust. We also recommend an exhaust that has a straight through muffler for less restriction. A straight through muffler will be louder, but also allow you to make more power as the muffler isn't as restrictive and allows for easier exhaust flow.

I need power! I am going to go turbo for sure, and need to make as much power as possible
For the all out exhaust, we recommend a 3" exhaust with a straight through muffler as well as the rest of the exhaust also being upgraded with 3" from the turbo back. If you are going to run less than 10 PSI, you can still run a 2.5" or 2.75" exhaust, but you will limit your power potential. For those with a built motor, 3" is the way to go.

Agency Power Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Catback Exhaust

A popular exhaust that's available is the Agency Power exhaust and it features a 2.5" stainless steel dual exhaust with 4" titanium burnt tips. This exhaust also includes an intermediate pipe and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

The Low Down: Good for moderate power production and sounds good. Small mufflers will produce a louder exhaust, but the exhaust sounds clean and refined and would be good for cars producing under 300whp.

More info: Agency Power FRS Exhaust / Agency Power BRZ Exhaust

Borla Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Catback Exhaust

Borla has a 2.5" exhaust with 2" split rear pipes and a 4.25" polished tip. This exhaust has low restriction and features it's muffler at the start of the intermediate pipe which reduces weight from the rear of the vehicle, and puts a bit of weight toward the middle.

The Low Down: Good for moderate power production and sounds good. One small muffler is less restrictive than two mufflers but will produce a louder exhaust. Good for cars producing under 300whp.

More info: Borla FRS Exhaust / Borla BRZ Exhaust

GReddy SP Elite Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Axleback Exhaust

The GReddy exhaust is a classic amongst import enthusiasts. Their entry into the BRZ/FRS market is welcome, and they have one of the nicest exhaust's available, and at one of the best prices. 60mm piping is amongst the smallest of the group at 2.36".

The Low Down: One big muffler for a quieter sound, good for daily driving and looks. One of the most affordable exhausts on the market. Offers legendary GReddy sound, refinement and fitment. Axleback exhaust makes it less expensive, and reuses the factory intermediate piping.

More info: GReddy SP Elite Exhaust Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ (2013) 10117202

Invidia N1 Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Catback Exhaust

The Invidia N1 exhaust is one of the best flowing exhausts for 60mm exhausts. While the piping is only 2.36", the straight through mufflers offer a performance benchmark close to a 2.5" exhaust. Available with polished or titanium tips.

The Low Down: One of our favorite exhausts for the BRZ/FRS platform. Good for those who aren't afraid of a louder exhaust. Features high flow, N1 style mufflers.

More info: Invidia FRS/BRZ Titanium Exhaust / Invidia FRS/BRZ Stainless Exhaust

Magnaflow Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Catback Exhaust

Magnaflow offers the least expensive full catback exhaust for the BRZ/FRS. The Magnaflow exhaust features a famous Magnaflow high flow muffler and includes a Magnaflow resonator on the intermediate pipe to tone down the exhaust and give it a deeper sound.

The Low Down: 2.5" with good flow. Can't go wrong with Magnaflow. Least expensive full exhaust available at this time.

More info: Magnaflow FRS Exhaust / Magnaflow BRZ Exhaust

Perrin Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Catback Exhaust

Perrin Exhaust Systems are designed for power. Each exhaust features a single Perrin high flow muffler, a Perrin flex section and a Perrin resonator. Great sound and lifetime warranty make this a great all around exhaust.

The Low Down: 2.5" full catback exhaust with resonator and 4" slash cut exhaust tips. Sounds great, fits great, and looks great. Good overall exhaust.

More info: Perrin Catback Exhaust Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ (2013) PSP-EXT-360

Tanabe Medalion Touring Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Exhaust

The Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust is one of the more expensive exhaust, and is known as the "gentleman's exhaust" due to it's quiet and refined exhaust note. At 60mm, or 2.36", this exhaust is one of the smaller in the group and is good for a daily driver and someone who wants the upmost in quality and refined noise but not looking for the biggest power gains.

The Low Down: One of the nicest exhausts in the group and offers a clean and refined exhaust note.

More Info: Tanabe Medalion Touring BRZ Exhaust / Tanabe Medalion Touring FRS Exhaust

Flowmaster American Series Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Exhaust

The Flowmaster American Series Exhausts is one of our favorite sounding exhausts for this boxer engine. Legendary Flowmaster sound, and great fit and finish. Flowmaster has built this exhaust system to be no nonsense, priced right, and offer excellent sound and performance. Can't go wrong.

The Low Down: No nonsense exhaust with a nice deep rumble and a great price.

More Info: Flowmaster American Series FRS/BRZ Exhaust

Manzo Performance Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Exhaust

The Manzo Exhaust is quickly coming one of our favorites. It's built by a brand name company so you get the quality, but since the exhaust is noname, you don't have to pay the brand price premium. Great exhaust for those who are looking for a quality built entry level exhaust.

The Low Down: 2.75" exhaust with good flow and a deep sound for a great price.

More Info: Manzo Performance FRS/BRZ Exhaust

And there you have it. These are the most popular exhausts on the market at this time, but we are sure manufactures will release more. As people start to add turbo kits and various engine swaps to their BRZ/FRS, we expect exhausts to get bigger and more custom. We hope this helped you figure out which exhaust is right for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave your comments below.