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Justin Bieber Angry at Paparazzi and Stops Traffic with his Ferrari 458

Justin Bieber doesn't like the Paparazzi, especially when cruising in Los Angeles in his modified Ferrari 458 Italia. You see here in this video that Bieber gets frustrated that the Paparazzi are following him and stops his car in the middle of the road while others honk and he doesn't seem to have any reaction.

The Paparazzi tells Justin Bieber that he's driving crazy and asks him if he thinks he should slow down, which really pisses off Bieber. People start getting out of their cars and asking Bieber to move.

This comes with the territory Bieber, get over it.

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Ferrari F430 Replica Body Kit for a Toyota Celica

There are a lot of replica body kits coming out, and this Ferrari F430 is no different. This Ferrari F430 body kit is designed to fit a Toyota Celica. The undisputed king of the replica body kits is the Pontiac Fiero, but new cars such as the Chrysler Sebring are receiving the royal treatment. Now it's the Celica's turn, and this F430 replica is pretty impressive. From the outside, the replica looks just like the original car.

One thing you can't replicate is the awesome sound of the Ferrari F430, and since this car is based on a 2000 Toyota Celica, you are revving up a stock 1.8L with 140 horsepower. Not too fun stock, but could be if you turbo the car and do other modifications to it. Should be a fun and cheap Ferrari, until someone peaks inside and notices the stock Celica interior.

The interior is actually not too bad, and to the untrained eye might actually look exotic. You'll notice that this interior in the picture above looks pretty stock Celica.

Above you can see the rear end of the replica body kit. Not too bad and it even has quad exhaust tips. This body kit is likely to catch on pretty quick... don't be surprised if you see more Ferrari F430's in your area and less Toyota Celicas.

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