HID Kit DIY Installation Guide

This installation guide demonstrates how to install a HID conversion kit to your headlights, and you can apply the same installation steps and connection of wires if you are installing fog lights as well. Note that different cars have different shapes and protections for their headlights; therefore, some extra steps might be needed in order for easier installation, for instance, taking out the bumper so that you can have more space to reach the back of your headlights or fog lights, or you might need to remove some covers that protect the back openings of the headlight light bulbs. This article can work as a general installation guide about how to connect the HID kit appropriately.

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Note: These are general and generic instructions and are not for any specific HID kit. We highly recommend professional installation. This DIY should only be used as a guide.

Here is a wiring diagram showing how to connect your HID kit:

Step 1

Disconnect the car battery. Remove the factory light bulbs. If your vehicle’s headlights have dust caps, please remove them as well.

Step 2

If your vehicle is equipped with headlight dust caps, drill an 1′′ (24mm) hole to accommodate the wiring harness.

Step 3

Remove the xenon HID bulb from the protective casing. Be careful NOT to touch the bulb. Handle it by its plastic base. If any grease or dirt gets on the bulb wipe clean with rubbing alcohol.

Step 4

Put the bulb’s wiring harness through the dust cap (as illustrated). Insert the xenon HID bulb into your headlight and secure. Connect the spade terminals (positive & negative) to the factory headlight wiring harness.

Step 5

Insert the rubber boot (on the wiring harness) through the hole on the dust cap (which you drilled earlier).

Step 6

Connect the bulb to the ballast. The quick dis-connects will “click” once fully secured.

Step 7

Find a mounting location for the ballast. Use the ballast bracket, screws or zip-ties as needed.

  • Do not drill holes on the ballast box.
  • Mount away from moving components.
  • Mount to a secure location.
  • Avoid hot areas that might lead to ballast overheat.

Step 8

Check your vehicle’s headlight fuse. Make sure it is rated at 20AMPS or higher. Replace the fuse with a 20 AMP fuse if your headlight fuse is of a lower rating.

Step 9

Reconnect the battery cables.

Step 10

Turn light switch on and allow your new xenon light to run for 10 minutes.

Megan Racing Coilovers – Reviews & Features Guide

Megan Racing Coilovers for the Miata NA/NB

Megan Racing is one of the oldest names in performance suspension. Dating back to the original JDM movement in the early 90s, Megan Racing has consistently been a brand that has been able to walk the fine line of quality and price.

As some of the more reasonably priced coilovers kits on the market, the Megan Racing Coilovers line up comes in a variety of styles with the cheapest being the EZ I which has no top hats for most applications and is 15 way dampening adjustable. The top of the line would be the Megan Racing Swift Track Coilovers which are specifically designed for those who track their cars and need a no compromise coilover system that includes Swift Coilover springs.

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We have been selling coilovers for well over a decade and Megan Racing consistently gets good reviews from our customers. For example, check out these reviews for the Megan Racing Miata NA/NB coilovers. To see if the coilovers for your application have reviews from other customers, simply click on the Shop Now link above to find your application.

Currently, Megan Racing offers 8 different types of coilover kits. They are:

  • Megan Racing Euro I Coilovers
  • Megan Racing Euro II Coilovers
  • Megan Racing EZ Coilovers
  • Megan Racing EZ II Coilovers
  • Megan Racing Spec-RS Coilovers
  • Megan Racing Street Coilovers
  • Megan Racing Swift Track Coilovers
  • Megan Racing Track Coilovers

Megan Racing Euro I Coilovers

The Euro I coilovers are designed to be entry level coilovers for many European cars. These are monotube, have full length adjustability and reuses the OEM strut/shock top mounts. Most are 15 way dampening adjustable and they have a 1 year warranty.

Megan Racing Euro II Coilovers

The Euro II Coilovers are a step up from Euro I and are 32 way adjustable and often times have stiffer springs but better damped shocks. Many come with top mounts and camber plates depending on the application. These also have a 1 year warranty.

Megan Racing EZ Coilovers

The EZ Coilovers are like Euro I but are for domestic and asian import cars such as Japanese and Korean cars.

Megan Racing EZ II Coilovers

The EZ II Coilovers are the same as Euro II but are for domestic and asian import cars such as Japanese and Korean cars.

Megan Racing Street Coilovers

The Street coilovers are the best the company has to offer for the daily driver. While the suspension is more firm than stock, many customers say the ride is still very good but the handling is extremely intensified. Most have camber plates and these have 32 way adjustable dampening. Excellent for those who want a no compromise street suspension.

Megan Racing Spec-RS Coilovers

Now we’re getting into the “big boy” stuff. These have 32 way dampening adjustments and feature separate compression and rebound adjustments for track use. Megan Racing also uses their best quality components for these kits to ensure they stand up to the demanding requirements of track use. These usually have camber plates as well.

Megan Racing Track and Swift Track Coilovers

For those who see mainly track time, these are stiffer and better dampened for track use without as much regard to comfort. The Swift version has Swift springs for those who want a progressive spring rate and a superior spring.

Shop Now: Megan Racing Coilovers

We hope our guide as well as reading our customer reviews on the product pages will help you decide on which kit is right for you. Our Top Sellers are the EZ, EZ II and Street kits and have been since Megan Racing started to make these variations.

These kits are highly recommended and we always offer the best possible prices. Redline360 is an authorized and direct Megan Racing dealer. Megan Racing honors their warranty when purchasing your kit through Redline360.

If you have any questions about these, please leave them in the comment section below!

Sound Clip: Lancer EVO X/10 with Spec-D Dual N1 Muffler Exhaust

It’s tough to buy an exhaust for your car without hearing it first. Unless you have a friend with the same car and same exhaust, or you heard a car revving at a local Cars and Coffee or another meet, you don’t really know what it sounds like.

For the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10 (also known as the EVO X), we have the above sound clip of the Spec-D Exhaust that you can listen to and hear what it sounds like revving as well as doing a fly by.

In addition to just the sound clip, we also have the second half of the video showing you just how easy it is to install this on your car. It’s a relatively easy DIY for someone with a lift, but if you just have jack stands that will do as well.

Check out the video and let us know if you have any questions on this exhaust. For information on ordering the exhaust, pricing, and availability click here:

Spec-D Tuning Exhaust Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X (2008-2015) Polished / Blue Burnt Tips

H&R Lowering Springs Charger / Challenger – 50888

H&R Lowering Springs – Charger & Challenger R/T or SRT8 – Redline360 – Review

Louie sent us this video of his 2020 Dodge Charger after installing his new H&R Lowering Springs that he received from us at Redline360. We think these are the perfect lowering springs for the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger RT or SRT8 and it gives you that perfect drop with the classic muscle car stance. Click here for more info on these lowering springs on our website as well as fitment information:

Shop: H&R Lowering Springs Charger / Challenger – 50888

These H&R lowering springs lower your Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger 1.7″ in the front and 1.4″ in the back and we include all 4 springs. They work perfectly with factory shocks or any aftermarket direct replacement shock. Louie gave us his feedback and review on these springs and as you can tell from his reaction in the video, he’s super happy with them – what better review than that? These springs are highly recommended and we try to always keep it in stock. Click on the link above to see other reviews and photos of customer’s cars.

1200hp R35 GTR vs Tesla Model 3 Performance Drag Race

Have you ever wondered just how fast a Tesla Model 3 Performance is? Look no further. This video shows how well a Tesla Model 3 Performance can do against a 1200 hp Nissan GTR R35.

Yes, we know that a stock Model 3 Performance can do about 11.5 in the quarter mile when it’s prepped, and a 1200hp Nissan GTR can do 9 second quarter mile (or faster!), but this video shows how the race goes down “in the real world” when everything isn’t perfect for the race.

The GT-R is absolutely faster, but we still found the video to be entertaining. We know the GT-R was sweating for a while 🙂


YouTuber buys $100,000 F350 Limited, Goes Mudding, Destroys It

A YouTuber, with over 675,000 Subscribers at the time of this post, bought a $100,000 Ford F350 Limited, with a lot of modifications, to take it mudding until it’s ruined.

The YouTuber wanted to show that his new F350 was no pavement princess and even though to some it might look like one, he had another thing in mind.

Check out the video

Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan – With an LS Swap? Check out the dyno run!

One of my absolute favorite YouTube channels, B is for Build, just released a video of their Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan with an LS swap. The goal is to make 1500 hp and we have no doubt that once this beast is tuned and running right it will hit that.

Some people think it’s one of the worst things ever to swap in a GM LS motor into a Lamborghini, but our question is – why not? The 5.2L V10 is a great motor no doubt, but there are so many aftermarket performance parts available for the LS that we don’t see it as a bad idea.

Listen to the car on the FTW Tuning dyno. We think it sounds absolutely amazing.

UPS Orders 10,000 Arrival EV Electric Delivery Trucks

With only a 150 mile range, these Arrival EV delivery trucks offer UPS (and potentially other delivery services in the future), the ability to have a fleet of trucks that require little maintenance and a low cost to charge, saving UPS a lot of money in the long term over it’s current ICE aging fleet.

UPS currently has about 123,000 delivery trucks, so this order represents about 8%, which will give UPS enough data to determine how to proceed in the future.

We do believe that Arrival will need to have larger battery packs to be able to provide longer ranges as an estimated 150 mile range is likely to be closed to 120-130 in the real world. Nonetheless, it’s a great start.

HKS now selling full race-ready engines for the Skyline and 86

And they’re not cheap.

If you have a Nissan Skyline GTR and need a race ready RB26, one of our favorite tuners, HKS, now has a complete engine kit for sale. They also have one for the Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S FA20 engines.

Above is their complete engine kit for the Toyota 86 with the Subaru FA20 motor.

Above is the HKS engine for the Nissan R35 GTR.

Above is the HKS engine for the Nissan RB26.

HKS has been one of the fastest tuners in Japan and has many decades of experience in racing. Their engines are guaranteed to be one of the best on the market. While they are not cheap, any engine builder is going to be expensive, especially when you look at overboring the engine.

The HKS FA20 is now a 2.1 liter and ranges in cost from $23,000 to $42,600 depending on what stage you go for. That’s hefty considering in many cases it’s more expensive than the car itself!

A 4.3L VR38 can cost $55,000 or more with the RB26 is going to be at least $37,500.


UK to ban all new gas, diesel and hybrid cars starting 2035


Previously, the UK said they will no longer allow gas, diesel or hybrid cars to be produced after 2040, but recently revised it to 2035 – just 15 years away. This means no more brand new ICE cars in the UK, only new EV cars and trucks will be allowed.

Not only was this moved up by 5 years, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that he is trying to move this up even sooner.

With prices of EV’s still generally high, even for entry level EV’s such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, or the Tesla Model 3, automakers need to move quickly to fill the void that will be left for consumers looking to spend under $25,000 or even under $20,000 for a new car.

In addition, the government, working with the private sector, needs to ensure there is a big network of charging stations available.

We’ll continue to update on new developments.