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COBB AccessPORT Subaru Forester XT [V3] (2007-2013) AP3-SUB-003

COBB AccessPORT Subaru Forester XT [V3] (2007-2013) AP3-SUB-003
COBB AccessPORT Subaru Forester XT [V3] (2007-2013) AP3-SUB-003 COBB AccessPORT Subaru Forester XT [V3] (2007-2013) AP3-SUB-003 COBB AccessPORT Subaru Forester XT [V3] (2007-2013) AP3-SUB-003
Brand: COBB Tuning
Part Number: AP3-SUB-003
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Condition: New w/ Manufacture's Warranty
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COBB Tuning

COBB AccessPORT Subaru Forester XT [V3] (2007-2013) AP3-SUB-003

w/ EJ255 Engine

The COBB AccessPORT is one of the most popular ECU Flashers on the market due to it's accurate tuning and ease of use.  The COBB AccessPort is designed to tune your vehicle's factory settings to be more aggressive while staying within a range of safety so you can make more power while protecting your engine.  Easy to install, and simply plugs right into your vehicle's OBDII port so you do not need to cut, hack or wire anything. The COBB AccessPort also monitors your engine vitals, so you do not need extra gauges.  You can use the handheld programmer to display such information as your boost, wastegate duty cycle, mass air flow, intake temp, air/fuel, and much more.

Data logging is another incredible capability of the COBB AccessPORT.  You can simply select what parameters you want to log, and then plug the AccessPORT into a PC or Mac to view the log files in your favorite spreadsheet.  Great way to keep track of what your car is doing at every minute so you can use the AccessPORT to fine tune your car to run smoother and make more power!

If you have a check engine light or other engine trouble codes, the COBB AccessPORT will tell you what they are, and when you fix them you can clear them.  The best part is when you want to return your car to factory settings, simply perform the uninstall feature, and your car goes back to stock!

COBB AccessPort Features:

  • Comes with pre-installed maps
  • Increases power while maintaining a high degree of safety
  • Plugs into OBD2 port - no cutting, hacking or wiring required.  Installs in minutes.
  • Store up to 100 different maps for any condition
  • Built in gauges such as throttle position, boost, air/fuel ratio, intake temperature, and much more
  • Stores up to 10 hours of data logging
  • Read and clear check engine lights and other trouble coddes
  • Easy to uninstall and go back to factory settings

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Subaru Forester XT Turbo 2007 - 2013

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